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Key Findings From Our Research

The Collaborating, Learning and Adapting (CLA) Evidence Dashboard is an interactive, visual platform that presents a comprehensive body of evidence on the impact of CLA.


For example, did you know that there is evidence that:

Here you will find:

  • In-depth research, conducted by USAID/PPL and the USAID LEARN contract, on how and under what conditions CLA impacts organizational effectiveness and development outcomes. See puzzle pieces below.
  • Articles and examples of how CLA approaches are improving organizational and development outcomes, organized by CLA approach (knowledge management, M&E for learning) and development sector (global health, education, etc.).
  • A literature review on the difference CLA makes to international development
  • A deep-dive analysis on the 2015 CLA Case Competition
  • A deep-dive analysis on the 2018 CLA Case Competition

You can also contribute to this body of evidence, access CLA tools, and learn more about the EB4CLA initiative.

How did CLA contribute to ending the Ebola crisis in Liberia?
How does CLA relate to staff empowerment, engagement, and satisfaction?
What does the literature say about CLA’s impact on organizational effectiveness?
What did an analysis of how CLA is implemented in the field reveal?

Explore Articles and Examples about CLA Approaches

Clicking on one of the six wedges of the CLA Framework below will provide you with a summary of the evidence and a list of all of the articles and studies we’ve compiled on that topic. There, you can filter by more specific CLA approaches. For example, on the Adapting page you can filter by adaptive management and pause & reflect. So, if you are interested in examples of knowledge management practices in the global health sector, click on the purple Processes wedge and then filter according to the technical sector and CLA framework sub-component on the next page.