Welcome to the CLA Toolkit! Here you will find a growing set of curated tools and resources on Collaborating, Learning and Adapting to help you plan and implement Program Cycle activities more effectively. We hope you'll check back regularly as we continue to add content.

If you already know what you need help with, go to the “I Need Help With” section. These links will take you to an overview page with introductory information and links to the related tools and additional resources in the right sidebar. If you would rather explore how CLA can be applied at various points in the Program Cycle or discover tools related to components in the CLA Framework, click the relevant  “Search By” section to expand the drop-down and make your selection from the Program Cycle or CLA Framework graphics.

Please note: Certain resources are intended for USAID staff and are only accessible to those with access to USAID ProgramNet.

Program Cycle

Select a component in red (Country/Regional Strategic Planning, Project Design & Implementation, Activity Design & Implementation, and/or Monitoring & Evaluation) to explore how CLA can be applied at that point in the Program Cycle.

The Program Cycle is USAID’s operational model for planning, delivering, assessing, and adapting development programming in a given region or country to advance U.S. foreign policy.

If you are interested in learning more about the Learning & Adapting component of the Program Cycle, please explore the CLA Framework below. The Collaborating, Learning and Adapting Framework further articulates all of the various components that comprise the Program Cycle’s Learning & Adapting ring.

CLA Framework

Select a colored CLA component—Collaborating, Learning, Adapting, Culture, Processes, or Resources—to access related tools and other resources.

The CLA Framework describes the elements that comprise a holistic approach to becoming a more effective learning organization. The framework is depicted as a circle to reinforce the interconnectedness of the various components; and the circle is divided into CLA in the Program Cycle and the Enabling Conditions that support CLA because both of these are required for effective and adaptive management of the Program Cycle.  

Stay tuned! As we continue to develop the Toolkit, we will include more resources that relate to specific CLA subcomponents (i.e., the inner ring of the Framework).